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My life

day by day

April 7th, 2008

(no subject)


If you pushed me I would fall to the ground and scatter into tiny sharp pieces.  If you tried to pick me up, with no effort at all, I would cut your hands in a painful way that would never properly heal.  If you can withstand the pain and try to put me back together I will crumble into a fine dust that if provoked would blind and choke you.  Luckily for you I’m not going to let you push me.

September 9th, 2007

(no subject)

I have a better appreciation for music now that I'm older...I'm also thinking about deleting LJ. 

February 13th, 2006

Friends only



Do we intentionally hurt the ones we say we love?

"The first encounter of the unknown should always be one of curiosity and openness not hostility and jealousy. I have grown so much just see it please."-Sola (me)

This journal is Friends only- Just make a comment and I will add you. I'm not picky about friends just one that keeps bothering me. Love to all.

Coaxing Her to Rest

She gently lays her sweaty brow
Against my naked chest.
My fingers pacify her now,
Coaxing her to rest.
Her eyes open placid blue
And strike me as a blessing.
I see in her things pure and true,
And true love I'm confessing.
I plead with her to fall to sleep,
But she will never listen.
She begs for me to always keep,
Her in my arms as passions glistens.
Though I tell her to close her lovely eyes,
I wish their beauty to be undisguised.
- Sony Ruland

"Sunny days and starry nights.
are but a mear shadow in the image
that god has put in front of me..
i can but shall not try to taint
one such as lovely as you..
in my heart i feel a flame that burns
in the rhythm of the world..
the world that has crafted and molded one
as beautiful as you.. so to you i say..
hello and good bye..
for you smile will always stay here
with me.. wherever i lay."
-J. Strong AKA Brotha Jah

"A cool breeze surrounds us
as we venture into the unknown..
tis this heavens protection or hells embrace.. we will know soon enough she says..
soon enough we will know..
J. Strong AKA Brotha Jah
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